My new EP “Heartbreak (for now) is out now! Click here to listen.

I listened to it on Spotify this morning and it felt amazing.  I’ve been playing some of the songs on this thing since I was 14, and to finally have this whole thing out feels really great. 

I’ve got to give a much needed thank you to the genius that is Catherine Marks.  It could have easily been a depressing four track folk EP, but thanks to the brilliant time we had making this, it turned into something much more than that. Something I would like to think is filled with more life than pain. 

If you’re wondering why it sounds like a toddler shat on it, it’s because I played all the instruments. However, I love every bum note, every laugh, and every out of time violent tambourine shake on this thing, and I hope you all enjoy them too... ❤️❤️❤️

🐼Heartbreak (for now) 🐼

Link here:

Lots of love,
R x